Flirt Like It’s Breathing

So… today I had to explain to my roommate that I do not always realize when I am flirting versus trying to come off as friendly. She was told a week ago that she does not show any emotions when she talks to this guy she liked. He stood her up for a date and the next day messages me. So… she has charged me with breaking his heart as he did hers. Frankly, it is going to be too easy. The problem is, I don’t want (and I’m likely to abort the mission). He is already a broken negative person with awkward social problems. One day of talking to him and hes wrapped around my finger and she can’t figure it out.

Flirting for me, comes as natural as breathing. I have been asked out by five guys since being dumped two weeks ago. I have finally agreed to hang out with one of the five. He seems really clingy though. We will see if that eases up. I think since being dumped, and me just not giving a fuck about what others think and being myself… I have become more attractive as a dating option instead of the friend to guys I always have been. It’s freaking me out a little bit just how easy it is to flirt once or twice and be asked out. I am not even actively seeking dates.

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Went shopping today, and as we all know… shopping sprees for girls are better than most orgasms!

I bought a brand new purse, new heels, and 4 new dress shirts. I am freaking ready for the weekend and partying! Girls night out with a couple guys included in our group? You bet your ass!

Boredom At Work… At It’s Finest

1. First thing you wash in the shower? My hair
2. What color is your favorite hoodie? Black
3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? No
4. Do you plan outfits? Sometimes
5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? Confused. I am trying to work out my school life, personal life, and work… as well as keep work and personal life separate at work :P
6. Whats the closest thing to you thats red? Either the logo on my shirt or my powerade I suppose
7. Do you say aim or a-i-m? aim
8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having? It’s been so long I don’t know.
9. Did you meet anybody new today? Yeah. This guy, he asked me to go on a date I think. I haven’t really replied… he’s the third to ask now that I haven’t answered :P
10. What are you craving right now? Ummm… nothing…
11. Do you floss? Yes
12. What comes to mind when I say cabbage? Patch Kids
13. When was the last time you talked on aim? Years ago…
14. Are you emotional? Sometimes. Lately I have two emotions, happy and tired.
15. Would you dance to the taco song? HELL YES I WOULD DANCE TO THAT!
16. Have you ever counted to 1,000? A couple times, in a couple languages… lol
17. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? I lick it and always giggle at the impressions left by my lip ring :D
18. Do you like your hair? Sometimes, I like the color but it doesn’t always style with me.
19. Do you like yourself? Yes. I find myself amusing.
20. Have you ever met a celebrity? No
21. Do you like cottage cheese? Yes
22. What are you listening to right now? Static… waiting for this guy at this store to plug the monitor into his computer but it has already taken him 5 minutes to take it out of the other computer….
23. How many countries have you visited? USA and Canada
24. Are your parents strict? I wasn’t raised by my parents, but my grandma was mildly strict but completely fair.
25. Would you go sky diving? YES!
26. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush? Sure, why not.
27. Would you throw potatoes at him? No, that’s just not nice.
28. Is there anything sparkly in the room you’re in? Yes, there is a gift bag on the cube in front of me that sparkles.
29. Have you ever been in a castle? Yes
30. Do you rent movies often? Yes
31. Who sits in behind you in your math class? I don’t take math class, and in all my classes no one sits behind me, I’m usually in the third and last row of each lab room.
32. Have you made a prank phone call? Of course >:)
33. Do you own a gun? Yes, I have a nerf gun
34. Can you count backwards from 74? sure
35. Who are you going to be with tonight? Skrums (my teddy bear)
36. Brown or white eggs? either or work for me
37. Do you own something from Hot Topic? sure do
38. Ever been on a train? no
39. Ever been in love? no
40. Do you have a cell-phone? sure do
41. Are you too forgiving? sometimes
42. Do you use chap stick? 3 different kinds
43. What is your best friend doing tomorrow? don’t have one
44. Can you use chop sticks? yes, but I don’t eat chinese food
45. Ever have cream puffs? yes

“Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,If you’ve a ready mind,Where those of wit and learning,Will always find their kind.”


“Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.”

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GAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…. /hmph

I cannot practice my spells and potions at pottermore because work does not have flash!!!!

GAHHHHHH /kick desk

anyone in Ravenclaw on pottermore want to add me, I am: WolfsbaneShadow37


Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.

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I realized today that I am fully ready to look forward. My whole life is rinsed of the shit that landed on my plate this last 2 weeks, and I am happy and excited for this weekend and what is coming. I kind of wish my roommate wouldn’t talk trash about the shit the happened when she see’s me ponder it for a minute, but then I am glad she encourages the step forward. I also know how she’s slightly jealous that since being dumped last week I have already been asked out twice. And I am sure it frustrates her even more that I don’t even care or answer. I just want to be me. I want friends and happy moments in my last few months.

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