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Flirt Like It’s Breathing

So… today I had to explain to my roommate that I do not always realize when I am flirting versus trying to come off as friendly. She was told a week ago that she does not show any emotions when she talks to this guy she liked. He stood her up for a date and the next day messages me. So… she has charged me with breaking his heart as he did hers. Frankly, it is going to be too easy. The problem is, I don’t want (and I’m likely to abort the mission). He is already a broken negative person with awkward social problems. One day of talking to him and hes wrapped around my finger and she can’t figure it out.

Flirting for me, comes as natural as breathing. I have been asked out by five guys since being dumped two weeks ago. I have finally agreed to hang out with one of the five. He seems really clingy though. We will see if that eases up. I think since being dumped, and me just not giving a fuck about what others think and being myself… I have become more attractive as a dating option instead of the friend to guys I always have been. It’s freaking me out a little bit just how easy it is to flirt once or twice and be asked out. I am not even actively seeking dates.

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